I was asked by a colleague last week, what my favourite medium of art was (very high-brow, I know). I was almost apologetic in revealing that it was photography. This week we’re taking a photographic slant on Interesting Thursday, with...


Interesting Thursdays – Autumn

The morning commute is set to be anything but mundane this Autumn. Thanks to the new SuperLeeds installation at Leeds train station, created by artist Supermundane (aka Rob Lowe). See more pictures of the installation on his Instagram: Here’s...


Blogging Means Business

Blogging has become one of the most effective ways to develop presence and personality for businesses.  But what makes a good blog?  Here are our golden rules to business blogging. image courtesy of Why should a business blog? Blogs allow...


Interesting Thursdays

The methods we use to communicate are constantly evolving, and nowhere is this more apparent than the rise in use of emoticons.  With emojis taking up increasing space on our screens and in our daily lives, communication and humour are...


Social Seen Video Takeover

Back in January we predicted that 2015 was set to be the year of the video and now the latest Ofcom report has revealed that almost a fifth of adults admit they are hooked on social, as video apps such as...



Our client Glenbrae, producers of the finest quality knitwear, have partnered up with the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund as their official knitwear partner. This is a particularly big year for the fund as it’s the 75th Anniversary of the...


How Car Buying Should Be

Look out today for the launch of The Car People’s brand new TV ad ‘How Car Buying Should Be’, which kicks off a new campaign focusing on turning car buying on its head and making it a great experience for...


The Forgotten Network

Not so long ago, LinkedIn was seen almost universally as ‘the recruiters tool’. To be on the network during working hours was almost a taboo, as it suggested to the boss you might be on your way out the door....


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