I was asked by a colleague last week, what my favourite medium of art was (very high-brow, I know). I was almost apologetic in revealing that it was photography. This week we’re taking a photographic slant on Interesting Thursday, with two projects capturing human and animal instincts.

The first offering comes from American photographer Eric Pickersgill, in a project he’s titled ‘Removed’. He’s looked at people’s everyday use of mobile devices and the results are both revealing and stunning. By using photo editing software, he’s removed the devices from the pictures, highlighting just how detached technology can make us. We all know that we live in a mobile society, but his project reveals just what we might be missing out on.




The second installment of photographic genius comes from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which has produced some truly beautiful, poignant and thought provoking work. Visit the gallery for the full set, which includes a haunting image of a Red Fox hunting an Artic Fox, by Canadian amateur, Don Gutoski – the overall winner.




And talking of amateur photography, Nikon’s latest advert takes a creative approach to promote their entry level range of DSLR cameras, proving that quality photography is becoming more affordable. The challenge, set to professional photographer Marc Hibbert, was to create the front cover of The Telegraph Magazine using a £650 entry level device. And here’s the catch – no post-production or retouching was allowed. Perhaps a lesson that out-thinking rather than out-spending can produce the best results.

Exploding Rose

View how it was achieved below.