The Forgotten Network

Not so long ago, LinkedIn was seen almost universally as ‘the recruiters tool’. To be on the network during working hours was almost a taboo, as it suggested to the boss you might be on your way out the door.


Whilst the platform itself has been around for ages, the emphasis around its use has slowly but surely been shifting. More and more brands are starting to embrace LinkedIn as the valuable sales tool that it is – and as such, the standard of company pages and personal profiles has improved dramatically from those early days. Indeed, the ‘social’ network is held in great esteem by some sectors, to the degree that I’ve heard one business claim they do 80% of their deals through contacts made on LinkedIn.

The business world is constantly evolving, and whereas deals were once done in smoky rooms or down the golf club, increasingly, connections are being made in a digital environment. And this stretches to the very highest levels of business and private sector figures, such as council chief executives and MPs.

The message is, LinkedIn should be embraced. It’s not simply the ‘new yellow pages’ for companies; it’s another opportunity to connect with your audience – on their terms. Be engaging, relevant and up to date.