The Car People – The MCA Management Awards 2008

Executive summary

To disassociate themselves from aggressive car supermarkets and associated customer service stigma, car retailer The Car People approached Propaganda to help stimulate future growth and differentiate them in a crowded market. They believed their approach was different: friendly where others were aggressive, trustworthy where others chased sales and committed where others focussed on the short-term.

Propaganda’s mission? To devise a marketing strategy to stimulate future business growth for The Car People based upon a credible and compelling proposition fuelled by customer insight, not internal assumption or instinct.

Propaganda created a new brand proposition programme driven by an extensive and independent research phase, based on the unique combination of customer needs and The Car People’s ability to deliver them. The proposition rollout has touched every area of the business and customer experience.

Since the proposition’s launch in August 2006, the brand has achieved a 9% growth and a turnover above £100m (43% growth since 2006). This growth has been delivered against a background of increased accessibility of new-car sales deals, and diminished sales in the used-car sector (source: Barclays Motor Dealer Review). Independent tracking research shows growth in customer awareness, appreciation and re-purchase.

Propaganda provided The Car People with:
• An independent research programme identifying true customer insights
• An integrated marketing communication programme that improved brand awareness, appreciation and affinity, leading to sales growth and stimulated re-purchase
• A new CRM programme to build long-term customer relationships

“Since their earliest engagement, we have worked side by side with Propaganda. They have challenged our thinking but always respected our success. They have helped tap into the psyche of our customer, current and future, to build profitable long-term relationships that offer us competitive advantage. We are proud of the brand we have built together and look forward to growing our business even further with the assistance of Propaganda”

Jonathan Allbones, Sales & Marketing Director

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