Clipper Logistics. A long-term partnership of brand evolution and growth.

Since 2008, retail logistics provider Clipper trusted us to support their long-term growth, with strategy and creative that showcased their agility and ability in a fast-moving sector.

The partnership began with Brand Discovery™ to address a confused brand architecture, low brand awareness, and no clear proposition. Born from the work, came a new positioning: ‘Agility matched by ability’.

Operating in a demanding retail sector requiring 24/7 solutions at speed, Clipper continued to grow through relentless innovation and keeping a pulse of the market using Propaganda’s Brand Health programme.

Through growth and success the brand evolved to epitomise Clipper’s prowess in ‘enabling retail’ to become the UK market leader in retail logistics and subsequently its sale to GXO for £1.3 billion in 2022.

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Became the UK market leader in retail logistics.

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£150m to £700m in turnover growth.

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MCA Winner: customer engagement.

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One of the most successful flotations of 2014

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$1.3 billion exit to GXO


Steve Parkin

Former Chairman

I wouldn’t describe Propaganda as a ‘brand agency’. They are our strategic partners. They are as focused on delivering results for Clipper as our board is. They are one of the best investments we have made.