Propaganda delivers Gen-Z focused launch strategy and positioning for Calippo Burst

Propaganda brand consultancy has developed a comprehensive launch strategy and positioning for frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) Calippo Burst. Strategically positioned to target Gen-Z, the launch campaign includes brand assets for sales, retail and online, supported by a robust corporate visual identity (CVI).

Propaganda was appointed by Polar Krush Group who licence the Calippo Burst brand from Unilever. Polar Krush Group chose Propaganda following recommendations and the impact of Propaganda’s thought leadership on the power of brand, evidenced by their whitepaper (Brand Multiple).

Propaganda’s insight-driven strategy aims to distinguish Calippo Burst’s fizziness from the many non-carbonated slush drinks on the market. The strategy capitalises on the Gen-Z trend of utilising social media platforms as a method of self-expression and identity curation. Calippo Burst becomes not just a product, but a sharable moment.

Tom Fowler, Planning Director at Propaganda said, “Gen-Z are thoughtful shoppers. With limited disposable income, treat purchases have strong social currency. We’re seeing more and more viral snack trends as a result, creating huge opportunities for brands. Our research showed the potential for Callipo Burst to become an ‘event’ purchase, sought out and documented on social media.”

Propaganda’s creative direction brings to life the joy and fun of individuality, epitomised by whimsical visuals of bursting fruit heads, vibrant colours and fizzy bubbles. The tagline ‘Burst It’ captures the essence of Calippo Burst inviting consumers to revel in an innovative fizzy, fruity, slushie experience.

This marks the first campaign Propaganda has delivered that utilises AI. Lee Bennett, Head of Creative at Propaganda said, “The creative springboard for the campaign was ‘refreshingly weird’, which perfectly encapsulated the product’s unique drinking experience. AI added a new dimension in achieving our concept due to its nature of creating bizarre and unreal visuals. The final campaign imagery is a composite of photography, 3D renders, vector illustrations and AI.

“There are understandably concerns over the use of AI and it won’t be suitable for all creative briefs. Used well it can enhance creativity but it can’t replace the vital human skills of photography and illustration, and the idea generation itself.”

Simon Hewitson, CEO at Polar Krush said, “Propaganda came highly recommended to us when reviewing partners for the Calippo Burst launch.  There were some strong themes in the Brand Multiple whitepaper that really resonated with us and we were impressed by the team from the outset and their ability to deliver our brief. We are delighted with the work the team has created and are certain it will help us to stand out in the market.”

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