Propaganda brings menopause future to life as GenM debuts brand film at Retail Week LIVE

Propaganda brand consultancy has created a brand film for GenM, the menopause partner for 90 retailers and brands such as Tesco, Boots, QVC and Sainsbury’s. GenM is debuting the film at LIVE 2024, the UK’s leading retail conference, alongside their world-first menopause aisle concept, developed in collaboration with Propaganda. The film comes as part of wider rebranding strategy for GenM including a brand new CVI, updated TOV and new creative. 

Placing the viewer in the shoes of the confused, overlooked and underserved menopausal consumer, the film effectively communicates the unique proposition that GenM offers as menopause partner for the UK’s top retailers and brands. With GenM research showing that 87% of menopausal women feel overlooked by brands and 66% feel that they don’t signpost menopause-friendly products clearly, GenM empowers retailers and brands to understand and serve the UK’s 15.5 million menopausal customers. Notably, a huge 80% of women want clear menopause-friendly labelling when shopping, which GenM is empowering brands and retailers to deliver.

The film shows a stylised version of the current predicament faced by consumers – little to no signposting for menopause-friendly products – with a solitary woman wandering a never-ending line of colourless shelves full of blank, white bottles. This seemingly infinite status quo is then contrasted with the GenM difference: a vibrant, bustling and colourful world of clear signposting to a myriad of helpful solutions.

The concept was developed by Propaganda’s creative team and the filming was produced by Tungsten Media. Propaganda has been GenM’s strategic partner since 2021, and continues to support them across brand strategy, creative, social and PR on a retained basis. 

Propaganda was also instrumental in helping GenM develop the MTick – the world’s first universal shopping symbol to signpost menopause-friendly solutions. Proudly displayed on packaging, advertising, marketing, online shopping pages, or at point of sale, the MTick is already visible on hundreds of product SKUs and is also positioned in Boots and Tesco stores across the UK.

Lee Bennett, Propaganda’s Head of Creative said, “This brief was a fantastic challenge for our team to get stuck into. As the menopause partner for brands and retailers, GenM performs a role that is new to the industry, and that most people won’t have heard of before. It was exciting to find a clear and engaging way to communicate their unique position to key stakeholders and consumers alike.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM said, “Working with Propaganda over the last few years has completely transformed GenM and the team has been instrumental in the impact that we’ve been able to achieve. We are so proud of this brand film that demonstrates our vision clearly and effectively in an engaging way. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Propaganda to bring visibility to the menopause market.”