Propaganda aligns strategic partnership between Love Hemp and Togetherall

An agreement has been announced between leading UK CBD brand Love Hemp and 24/7 online mental health support community Togetherall. Having been aligned strategically by Leeds-based brand consultancy Propaganda, the cross-sector partnership differentiates Love Hemp as an outspoken advocate for lifestyle, health and wellbeing, committed to providing customers with support above and beyond their CBD product offering.

Togetherall’s platform, previously only accessible to the NHS, Armed Services and Education Institutions, will now be available to all Love Hemp customers (aged 16+) and can be accessed for free simply by signing up via Love Hemp’s website. The platform facilitates supportive dialogue between people experiencing mental health issues, and allows access to trained mental health professionals who moderate and monitor users’ needs.

Tony Calamita, CEO of Love Hemp, said “Mental health has always been something that’s been quite close to home for me. I’ve suffered with it myself in the past in my younger years. Some people don’t want to speak to their friends and family. Some people don’t want to seek professional health. So, they don’t actually have anywhere to go for support when they need it. With Togetherall offering anonymous mental health support 24/7, it fills that gap absolutely perfectly.”

Propaganda identified the Togetherall partnership as an opportunity for Love Hemp to differentiate the brand in an increasingly saturated market, creating stand-out and enhancing their brand value through action. “Brand messaging should be built on a clear purpose – but it has to be authentic, otherwise consumers will see straight through it”, said Cynthia Bell, Strategy Consultant at Propaganda. “To achieve meaningful, long-term growth in brand equity, you need a purpose-led strategy where your core message is reinforced through investment in the causes you align yourself with. Based on the positive impact loyal customers report that Love Hemp has on their lives, the Togetherall partnership is a perfect fit.”

The announcement came during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, and has been well received by both press and consumers.