oyalti was established through the friendship of business founder, Jay Parker and model, Alex Cannon. A theme of friendship runs through the backbone of the footwear company, so we created a brand line to boot – ‘Loyalti Runs Deep’. This inspired a blood is thicker than water approach to the launch creative, to give Loyalti a striking and ownable look and feel.

Since then we’ve worked with the brand on a number of distinct shoots and campaigns that remain true to their urban style.

A/W 19

Christmas is a time of excess – when the fun is turned up to full. It’s the season to be seen and we all need a little bit extra confidence for that. For Christmas 2015, we made it our mission to get Ann Summers customers not just to turn on the confidence but to turn it up… not only to look great but to feel it. To feel like God’s Gift.

Above all else

For a brand that puts loyalty above all else, we developed a social campaign to reflect this, showcasing models wearing the new collection on a series of urban rooftops.