Propaganda congratulates FMG Support for its listing in the sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For.

Strategic and creative agency Propaganda is pleased to announce that client FMG Support, the UK’s leading incident management and roadside support company, has been recognised for its employment excellence in the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For Guide, published this week.

Propaganda has worked in partnership with FMG Support since 2004 to help the company to understand the importance of consistent delivery of brand and service promises and the positive impact that this can have on employee satisfaction, customers and their business performance.

Working with FMG Support’s strong culture and values, Propaganda developed a strategic internal communication platform along with a variety of tools that has allowed FMG Support to nurture a satisfied workforce, and has had a positive effect on new and existing customer relations. FMG Support understands the importance of its people as an integral part of the day-to-day difference and success of the business, which has been highlighted by this award.

Mark Scanlon, managing director, commented: “As a business, we have always championed the importance of our people as a direct link to delivering excellent service for all of our customers, and so to be recognised within the definitive survey of working satisfaction is a great achievement. We’ve worked together with Propaganda to develop new ways to engage and communicate with our people personally and professionally that have enabled us to draw the best from them.”

Craig Harrold, client services director at Propaganda adds: “Understanding your customers is one thing, but understanding your people is another, and FMG Support does this incredibly well. The team shows immense support to each and every employee and this has a long-lasting effect on the way they deal with their customers and the level of service that they provide. Propaganda encouraged the importance of on-brand, consistent internal communications and set the foundations, but FMG Support put it into practice and this recognition is truly deserved.”