Weight-loss, Social gain

Continuing in our strong relationship with Cambridge Weight Plan, we are working with them to develop an exciting social media strategy.

With the knowledge that social media is a major influence on consumer buying decisions and that the new consumer is savvier than ever, we recognised the need for a strategy to integrate and amplify our existing marketing activity for the brand.

Standing by our principle of knowledge before assumption, our journey will start by conducting online market research as part of our Digital Intelligence process, to monitor the brand’s reputation and identify key online influencers and channels to engage with consumers. We’ll also be exploring how the new, changing consumer will happily share their experiences – positive or negative – within a social space, particularly in the weight-loss arena.

Establishing our digital share of voice and brand sentiment will allow us to confidently put our stake in the ground within the digital landscape and join existing conversations with our audience. Our key measures of success will be to create, facilitate and grow an engaged audience via appropriate online campaigns and channels.

Kristal Ireland, Head of Digital said “At Propaganda our activities are informed, strategic and never operate within a silo of the wider digital marketing context. We truly get to the heart of a brand both on and offline. We believe the opportunity is now for a weight-loss brand to take the lead share of voice online and Cambridge Weight Plan are primed and committed to being that brand. We are all very excited about working on the project.”

You can read more about the Cambridge Weight Plan Discovery process and results here.