TheO has landed

After devising the hugely successful launch of the Cloud Nine irons last September, Propaganda has now worked with Cloud Nine to introduce a new revolution in hair styling, TheO.

TheO, a technological first, is unlike any heat styling product ever seen before. It is a heated roller device that uses unique heat induction technology to take the roller to a temperature of 130 degrees, which is the hottest any heated roller on the market can achieve. The other plus is its speed, as it takes just four seconds to heat a roller.

TheO is quite simply an extraordinary product that has taken the world of hair styling by storm.

Cloud Nine, which constantly innovates to bring new technology to the hair industry, has worked with Propaganda to develop everything from the branding and packaging, to the launch strategy, which includes a viral film, trade DM and a website, as well as ongoing advertising and PR campaigns in both consumer and trade press.

Although TheO was only launched one week ago, it is already available in some of the UK’s most prestigious salons including Daniel Galvin, Nicky Clarke, John Frieda, Errol Douglas, Richard Ward, Jo Hansford, Michael John and Urban Retreat

Laura Kynaston, joint managing director, Propaganda, said:
“When we launched the Cloud Nine styling irons, we were delighted to bring innovation to the professional salon market. Now we’ve launched TheO, we can take that commitment to innovation to another level.

“It is a stunning product and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole creative process. It was great to build on the brand that we had already created through the styling irons. The launch last week was a phenomenal success and we look forward to seeing the excitement continue to spread over the coming weeks, months, years.”

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