The Witches of Oz

As you may already know, Illamasqua’s a brand that’s close to our heart. It’s a brand we’ve helped conceive, birth, raise and nurture. It’s a brand that, since its launch in November 2008, has enjoyed continued success in UK, Ireland, the United States, and Dubai. Well on 25th June 2010, Australia will become the latest country to reveal its alter ego as Illamasqua launches exclusively into the flagship branch of retail giant Myer, in Sydney. Although ‘launches’ isn’t a word that sits naturally with Illamasqua – ‘throws itself kicking, screaming, scratching and biting into’ would be more appropriate.

It’s an important milestone for the brand as it signifies just how far we’ve come in the last 18 months. (10553.06 miles, to be precise. For the pedantic out there). After the success we’ve seen in Selfridges stores in the UK and Sephora in the US, Myer is a fantastic achievement for the brand. In case some of you are sat there scratching your heads, rubbing your chins, drumming your fingers, or indeed displaying any sort of body language that would suggest you’ve never heard of Myer, here are a few facts. And you’ll be pleased to know we didn’t look any of them up on Wikipedia:

Myer was founded in 1900 by Sidney Myer, a penniless Russian migrant.

Today it is Australia’s largest department store group, with 65 stores nationwide.

They carry over 600,000 product lines, from 2,400 brands.

At the post-Christmas sales in 1992, the glass doors to the Grace Bros Sydney City store were shattered by a stampede of shoppers. (OK, we stole that one from Wikipedia, so there’s a good chance it’s not true.)

Last year a staggering 185 million customers walked through their doors. Doors that we are assured have been repaired since 1992.

After Sydney we’ll see more counters opening across the country in Chadstone, Bondi Junction, Brisbane, Robina, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. We believe it’s another massive step for Illamasqua, and while there are many more still to be taken on this journey, we can’t help but feel like proud parents.

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