Straight plc appoints Propaganda for Brand Discovery™

Straight plc, the UK’s leading environmental product and service company, has appointed Leeds-based strategic brand consultancy, Propaganda to undertake a Brand Discovery.™

The company, founded by entrepreneur Jonathan Straight in 1993, works in partnerships with local authorities, waste management companies, utilities and retailers to supply an extensive range of waste and recycling solutions.

Since its launch in 1993, Straight plc has enjoyed considerable success and with over 15 years unrivalled experience in the environmental waste and recycling sector, and an extensive range of products and services, the company has earned its reputation as the sector expert. However, in order to drive business growth and to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, Straight plc has recognised the need for a cohesive and customer driven brand strategy to realise its ambitious growth plans.

Jonathan Straight, chief executive and founder of Straight plc said; “I feel that we have achieved a great deal so far, and the company has continued to grow by pushing boundaries forward with innovative designs and quality products, coupled with competitive prices and outstanding levels of customer service. In order to grow further and to maintain our position at the forefront of the waste and recycling industry, we need to implement a clear and concise strategy that delivers upon the needs of the market. I look forward to being a part of the Brand Discovery™ process and the strategic direction it will provide to help drive Straight plc to the next level.”