My Cambridge weight management microsite launched to support members to maintain their weight loss

Insight from weight maintenance consumer research carried out by Propaganda in 2010, identified that one of the challenges Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) customer’s faced was maintaining their weight-loss long term, once they had reached their target weight. After 12-months of development, ‘My Cambridge’ launched last month.

It is a unique and first to market proposition in the ‘very low calorie diet market’, an online self help tool available to all CWP maintenance customers to be used in conjunction with advice and support from their CWP consultant.

The My Cambridge microsite features an online food diary which allows customers to set goals for the day, and helps them to stick to them, with a key feature of the diary including a section to diarise what they have eaten. From this the diary calculates what calories are left to play with for the rest of the day, it even keeps track of your five a day, alcohol & water intake and exercise regime.

To provide guidance and inspiration there is also a database of 100’s of searchable healthy recipe and meal ideas and if extra support is needed My Cambridge links directly to the customers CWP consultant, allowing them to offer advice and support whenever it’s needed.

Additionally customers can access 8 different reports to analyse their diet in a bit more detail. They can view which foods contribute the most fat to their diet, or add the most calories. There is also an innovative ‘swap function’ which will highlight a different food or brand that’s similar to the one you enjoy, but could save calories.

All the functionality is geared to the My Cambridge golden rule – stay within your personal allowance and you’ll keep your body looking the way you want it to. My Cambridge has been warmly received by the Consultant network and was launched to maintenance customers last month.