Propaganda cast leading actress in film role to promote up-market cosmetic brand

Propaganda, has cast leading actress, Vicky McClure, in the star role for three launch films to promote up market fashion brand, Illamasqua.

Working closely with Gloss Director, Simon Burrill and Channel 4 TV Series, ‘This is England’ star, Vicky McClure, to produce the two engaging films which clearly demonstrate Illamasqua’s brand messaging of becoming your “alter-ego” by the clever use of split screen techniques, where the actress plays all the characters in the film.

To date, three films have been produced. The first, tells the Illamasqua story with a focus on the brands heritage. The second, ‘Poem’ is a beautifully poignant script by Propaganda, in which the actress transforms into her alter ego through the application of Illamasqua makeup. The third, ‘Vicky & Vic’ is a brief, humorous take on Vicky’s alter egos, with Vicky portraying two versions of the same person having a conversation during an interview.

Julian Kynaston, Illamasqua founder, commented: “We wanted to use young British actresses ahead of models for much of Illamasqua’s communications. We are a British pro brand, whose origins lie backstage with theatre, film and TV and so it seemed fitting for us to use British acting talent. Vicky’s portrayal of skinhead and pacifist Lol in Shane Meadow’s multi award winning screenplay ‘This is England’ resonated perfectly with the two themes which lie at the heart of Illamasqua – self expression and cultural tolerance, and for this reason we wanted her as our muse. Simon and Vicky have done an excellent job of translating Propaganda’s creative scripts into three engaging films that perfectly capture Illamasqua’s brand essence and bring it to life in a really compelling way.”

Mark Williams, our creative director said: “Illamasqua is already established as an up-market cult brand and therefore it was really important to us that the production quality of the films did the brand justice. The result is three engaging films, which have been produced not only to help people to understand the cultural heritage behind the brand, but also to empower people to explore their own alter egos.”

The films are being released virally from September 2010 on to coincide with the release of the follow up series to ‘This is England’ called ‘Now this is England’ which is currently being screened on Channel 4.