The New Home of Illamasqua

A little under two years ago Illamasqua launched into the UK. Well, ‘launched’ probably isn’t the right word to use. ‘Exploded’ is more accurate. Whilst everyone involved was confident the brand would be a success, few would have predicted how quickly it would achieve its cult status. So we’re delighted to announce that Illamasqua is about to open its first independent retail store in the heart of London.

Nestled on Beak Street, within a stone’s throw of Oxford Street, Regent’s Street and the theatres of the West End, the store will not only provide a physical home for the brand, it will house the new Illamasqua School of Make-up Art. Through a series of professional courses the school aims to equip pupils with the skills and confidence to unleash their alter-egos onto the streets and create stunning after-dark looks. As you’d expect from Illamasqua, the school is open to anyone interested.

It’s a totally unique proposition for a totally unique brand, and strengthens their commitment to making professional night-time make-up available to anyone who believes in self-expression.

The store is due to open in September, so be sure to check back for pictures of the grand opening.

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