Have you got what it takes to be a Boost Champion?

After delivering a successful 2011 campaign for Boost, celebrating their 10th anniversary milestone, Propaganda are getting ready to take the brand to the next level; to reach out to more people to get more, keep more, engage more and sell more…in the Boost way.

Boost’s phenomenal success over the past few years (Boost is now the No.2 energy drink brand within impulse*) is based on a strong value proposition, offering products with great taste and energy at a great price to retailers and consumers alike, which is why the Boost ‘It’s a No Brainer’ proposition is so fitting.

The 2012 Olympics is a major focus for leading sports and energy drink brands, many of whom are already beginning to flood the market with huge sponsorship deals and multi-million pound marketing campaigns, all jostling for attention in the ‘main arena’. After all, competing toe-to-toe in this way is just not the Boost way.

So, we’ve created a campaign that reflects Boost’s challenger brand mentality, one that’s relevant to its value proposition, expanding product portfolio of caffeine, glucose and sports drinks, and – most importantly – the target audience; everyday people, rather than sports athletes and adrenalin junkies.

One of the main objectives for 2012 was to gather data on the ever-growing pool of people purchasing, consuming and engaging with Boost to allow us to better understand their needs. Secondly, as Boost’s product portfolio expands, it’s essential to begin educating and building awareness of the sport and glucose ranges on offer, with the aim of gaining greater distribution and raising Boost’s profile across trade and consumer audiences.

The Boost Champions campaign sets out to make heroes of the everyday man and woman getting through the daily grind. It’s been developed to work across trade and consumer audiences using a range of integrated on and offline tactics. The campaign offers consumers the chance to win a top prize of £10,000 by playing a series of online games, plus the chance to win £10 instantly by entering unique codes found on promotional packs, plus a points loyalty reward scheme using promotional codes to redeem for music downloads or cinema vouchers. The campaign will be supported through street sampling teams, PR, online advertising, in-depot and in-store POS, email marketing and social media.

Want to get involved?…We think it’s a no brainer.

Boost Champions launches Monday 19th March.

*Source: SalesOut for year to August 31st 2011 (based on wholesale sales to more than 30,000 independent stores)