2011: The Year To Say ‘Goodbye salt Hello flavour’

As government urges the nation to slash its salt intake, Seabrook Crisps launch a new, ground breaking range of crisps with 90% less salt* but 100% great taste.

Propaganda have been working with Seabrook Crisps since June 2006, helping them to become the UK’s fastest-growing crisp brand and increase their sales volumes by an impressive 73%. We were extremely pleased that their incredible turnaround was recognised last year, when they walked away with the Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Award 2010.

Seabrook’s extraordinary growth is well deserved as the company has a long track record of crisp innovation and isn’t afraid of setting new standards in an industry not renowned for making sweeping changes: They were the first company to introduce crinkle cut crisps to the UK in the 1950’s, the first company to only use healthier sunflower oil in the 1980s, and the first to take the ground-breaking step of removing MSG from all their crisps in 2007.

When The Food Standards Agency set a target for reducing daily salt intake for adults to a maximum of 6g by 2012, Seabrook were once again swift to respond by finding a way to make a range of fully flavoured crisps, without adding one single grain of salt. Aptly named Goodbye salt Hello flavour, this latest innovation saw Propaganda working alongside Seabrook to research and develop the proposition and packaging for the new range in collaboration with Charlie Richards on the packaging photography.

This breakthrough from Seabrook Crisps means that as of February 2011 and for the first time in the history of the humble crisp, anyone looking to cut down on their salt intake without compromising on taste can buy tasty crisps with at least 90% less salt*, no MSG and no nasty additives – simply great tasting crinkle cut crisps.

Every pack of Goodbye salt, Hello flavour sold will also help raise money for Breast Cancer Care, to which Seabrook has pledged a donation of £40,000. Breast Cancer Care provides expert support to people in the UK living with breast cancer.

Goodbye salt Hello flavour will be available in four lip-smacking flavours; Jacket Potato with Mediterranean Tomato & Herbs, Jacket Potato with Tommy Ketchup, Jacket Potato with Caramelised Onion and Jacket Potato with Creamy Butter.

“The passion and commitment for accomplishing what is, quite frankly, a massive milestone in our industry, was our response to consumer demand for a crisp with no added salt that still delivers a great flavour. It represents an investment of over £1.5m in research and development and we have high hopes that this unique range will help maintain Seabrook as Britain’s fastest-growing crisp brand.”
Ken Brook-Chrispin, Seabrook Crisps Chairman and CEO

And there is more to come. March 2011 sees the launch of an integrated consumer launch campaign aimed to raise awareness of Goodbye salt Hello flavour, and ensure that more people than ever enjoy Seabrook, ‘Once Tasted Loved Forever’.

* There is no salt added to the flavours in the Goodbye salt Hello flavour range, however, there are traces of naturally occurring sodium.