Cambridge Weight Plan, growing online while shrinking waistlines.

Continuing in our strong relationship with Cambridge Weight Plan, we are working with them on a consultative basis, to grow and enhance their social channels.

Most men and women will have a story to tell about dieting and weight-loss. Whether it is how liberated they felt when they met their weight-loss goal, or the motivation at simply losing a few pounds, and the average woman worrying about her weight every 15mins, it is no surprise we have some really rich content opportunities.

Standing by our principle of knowledge before assumption, our journey started by conducting online market research as part of our Digital Intelligence process, to monitor the brand’s reputation and identify key online influencers and channels to engage with consumers.

Establishing our digital share of voice and brand sentiment allows us to confidently put our stake in the ground within the digital landscape and join existing conversations with our audience. Our key measures of success will be to create, facilitate and grow an engaged audience via appropriate online campaigns and channels.