Absolutely Flawwwless. Xen-Tan website goes live.

Following our Discovery process in 2009 we’ve spent the last 6 months introducing Xen-Tan’s flawless, natural tans to the UK’s fashion and beauty industry. And we think we’ve done a pretty good job of it too. But our next step was to reach out to consumers, which we’ve done with the launch of a new consumer website.

It went live on Thursday 27th May and, in response to our Discovery insights, we’ve spent a lot of effort making it as simple as possible for consumers to choose the right product for them. Together with the Xen-Tan team we developed an area where people could easily find the perfect tan for their skin-tone, a simple step-by-step guide for application, and a simplified shopping area that makes sense of the comprehensive product range. It all sounds fairly straight-forward, but as any web expert will tell you, it’s never that easy. (By the way, it’s never that easy.)

Another key insight that emerged from our Discovery was a desire from consumers to see genuine feedback from experts and other consumers. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, after all. So as well as a section that showcases all the excellent coverage that Xen-Tan’s received in the press recently, there’s a section where people can leave their own, unbiased experiences of Xen-Tan’s products. What they liked, what they would recommend to friends and what gets them the ultimate fake-tan.

Ultimately the aim of the new website is to help people feel positive about themselves and get hold of the products that will help them look fantastic too. It’s about making them FEEL GOOD ALL OVER. Less of the negative, more of the positive – that’s the way Xen-Tan works.

View the web site here.
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