Neal & Wolf hits the male market

Having built a successful female haircare brand from the ground up, Neal & Wolf was ready to conquer a new sector. With the rise in men visiting salons, their annual spend increasing and more, and more, barber shops opening, a tailored collection of men’s styling products was the obvious choice.

Men want the ultimate in both style and performance, and that’s exactly what we set out to achieve. Simple. Bold. Styling.

We created contemporary, masculine packaging and a POS and merchandising suite that would catch the eye of the grooming-conscious male consumer and attract attention in increasingly popular men’s salons (particularly the N&W branded real ale, beer mats and bottle opener). In other words, grooming for the modern gentleman at its finest.

Whilst Neal & Wolf’s female fan base is well established, we knew that we needed to establish ourselves in the mind of the male consumer to grow our audience, an audience that we discovered to be regularly researching styling tips online. The solution was to create a world that men could become a part of and so the Alpha Club was born. A unique online society where men can receive tips and advice on what it means to be a true modern gentleman. As well as purchase the right styling products for their desired look.

The result is a collection that is already flying off the shelves.