Education innovation with Carillion

Every now and then, a project comes along which has the potential to make a real difference to schools. Book-Lender was one such brief to cross our desks, which is gearing up for launch at the start of the new academic year following a successful trial period, and it’s already being hailed by primary school teachers as “ridiculously useful”.

One of the defining challenges for modern-day teachers is to deliver a great learning experience for students, under increasing budgetary pressures. Enter Book-Lender, a revolutionary new online library rental model for schools, designed to bring physical books back into the heart of learning.

Conceived with the pressures and challenges faced by today’s teaching professionals in mind, the service offers top quality curriculum-linked physical books, curated by library experts, that can be ordered in seconds and delivered direct to the classroom. Once schools have finished with the books, they simply return them free of charge and await their next delivery, safe in the knowledge that their pupils have benefitted from outstanding books and an uncompromised education. The proposition is simple: Rent. Read. Return.

The brand was developed alongside teachers and learning coordinators, looking for new and convenient ways to deliver outstanding education to our children. Using vibrant and inspirational imagery, Book-Lender is now helping to ensure the delivery of quality education for generations to come.