Slaith. From forgotten comes finest

The brand is family run, and uses generations of spinning expertise to produce knitwear to standards which go far beyond anything their competitors could match; all their garments are created from extremely fine gauge merino and cashmere and are knitted in 3D to ensure a perfect drape with no seams. In fact, Slaith is the only company in the world that can produce seamless garments made with 30gg cashmere and merino, as the fibres are simply too delicate for most brands to work with.

When we started working with Slaith, it was clear that there was a niche opportunity in the finest independent UK and international retailers to supply Slaith knitwear to the world’s most discerning customers. Over the last few months, we have helped Slaith to build their brand around the key proposition: ‘From Forgotten Comes Finest’. This simple phrase encapsulates how the brand, born in Huddersfield (once an area of huge importance for the booming twentieth century textile industry), brings together once-forgotten spinning knowledge with a passion for creating the finest possible knitwear for a modern audience.

When we came up with the concept for the photoshoot, it was all about getting across Slaith’s perfect balance of heritage spinning skills and modern elegance. Shot in Spa Mill, home of Slaith, using classic and vintage props against the mill’s modern machinery, the images show off the luxurious finish and classic fit of Slaith garments. We’d like to share a couple of the final images with you here. To see more, and to find out about the garments themselves, visit