Shaking up baking with Roberts’ Digestion Boost Bloomers

‘Gut health’ has become a hot topic recently – with several studies linking good gut health to a lower incidence of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

In simple terms, the microbes in your gut play a vital role in digestion, your immune system and weight regulation. That means eating the right foods can help to keep your gut happy and healthy.

We’ve all heard of probiotic and prebiotic yoghurts but did you know that bread could be good for your gut too? Thanks to Roberts Bakery and the long-awaited launch of their new range of Digestion Boost Bloomers, the nation’s favourite staple now complements a healthy gut. No more chomping on chicory, slaving over Sauerkraut or reaching for the radicchio. Just grab a slice of Roberts Digestion Boost and you’re good to go.

The new bloomers are lovingly created with live ferments and packed with fibre, so they’re yummy and friendly on your tummy.

We worked with Roberts to develop the campaign and organised the photoshoot – spending hours in the studio toasting slices and creating delicious toppings for our beautiful campaign imagery.

The result is an integrated campaign to support the new product launch across in-store, POS, digital ad screens, social media and digital channels.

Digestion Boost Bloomers are available exclusively in selected Tesco stores across London and the North. So keep your eyes peeled and, if you spot one, choose with your gut!