We’ve been shortlisted for Innovation and Strategy at MCA Awards

We’re proud to reveal that we have been shortlisted once again for the MCA Awards, this year in the categories of Strategy and Innovation for our work alongside longstanding client, ReFood.

We place great pride on our membership of the Management Consultancies Association. We’re still the only creative brand consultancy to gain accredited membership and it’s one of the things that makes our offer unique. Taking on convention and industry stereotypes is part of our day job, and is one of the reasons we’ve enjoyed such success at the annual event. Winning an award, often when up against some of the Management Consultancy ‘heavyweights’, showcases our rigorous approach to brand and business.

This year, work for our client, ReFood, who recycle food waste via the process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD), will be judged against other industry leading campaigns. ReFood transforms food waste into biogas, which in turn can be fed into the national grid, or used to generate electricity.  A by-product called digestate is produced, which ReFood paid to dispose of. Due to ReFood’s plans for growth, and the forecasted increase in volume handled, we needed to address this industry-wide challenge, before it became even more significant.

Through the insight gained and our experience of their sector, Propaganda developed a comprehensive plan to turn this ‘waste’ into a revenue stream: a branded fertiliser product called ReGrow. As part of our entry, we had to demonstrate how the recommendations we provided had applied new and emerging ideas, processes and technologies to successfully transform our client’s operation. This was achieved by changing the perception in the agricultural industry of digestate, and by turning it into a branded biofertiliser, which is high in the key nutrients necessary for plant growth, and has monetary value.

The development of this new, clear and validated strategy has allowed ReFood to achieve operational savings of circa60%, has further cemented their market-leader position, and created a unique closed loop proposition. The success of the strategy that we developed and implemented for ReFood is what encouraged us to enter this project into the awards. 

The ceremony will take place on April 27th at a central London location, and ahead of that, we’ll be looking to impress the expert judging panel, with all the details surrounding this exciting project.