MagnaColours® play host to a legendary Rockstar

Did you know that those above their A game in the screen-printing world are known as Rockstars?

Last Wednesday I visited MagnaColours® HQ in Barnsley and had the pleasure of meeting a renowned screen-printing rockstar, who had flown all the way from Mexico to good ol’ Barnsley for an exclusive training day and factory tour. 

It was my first time at Magna’s HQ and it was great to have a behind-the-scenes look into their screen printing processes for some of their famous products including the GLITTER BASE AP, REFLECTIVE and GLOW range. 

The printers who ran the training day showcased their screen-printing talents effortlessly, giving us an in-depth insight into their inspiring screen-printing world.

All in all it was an extremely enjoyable day and with lots of upcoming developments in the pipeline for Magna, it wont be long until they set the screen-printing world on fire. Exciting times ahead… stay tuned!