Magna mixed it up

For our client MagnaColours who innovate water-based screen-printing inks, the exhibition calendar is pretty full, including two global industry exhibitions each year that attract key influencers from top brands and fashion retailers in the garment industry.

This year we encouraged MagnaColours to do something a little different, to go outside of their comfort zone and host a special evening event during the FESPA exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.  Instead of exhibiting alongside a number of competitors, Magna hired a professional gallery space for guests to escape the me-too stands of the main exhibition and be fully immersed in the world of MagnaColours.

The overall theme for the event centred around ‘Mixing it up with Magna’, which was brought to life over the course of the evening.

Guests were treated to a number of bespoke cocktails inspired by Magna’s revolutionary inks, all served by a number of Magna mixologists.  There was also spectacular entertainment provided by Burlesque dancer Katrina Darling, along with music mixed by the event DJ.

The event was without a doubt a huge success. A number of new and existing clients were able to enjoy and celebrate the MagnaColours philosophy and see some of their most amazing works to date.

Helen Parry, Managing Director on Magna said: “It was a fantastic night, our guests enjoyed everything we had in store for them, and we were able to perfectly reflect the personality and imagination behind MagnaColours®.”