Loyalti runs deep

Working closely with the founders to develop the launch campaign and assets, our work is based around the theme of ‘thicker than blood’. We have created product packaging, store launch concepts and a brand film, to be used in stores and across social channels to engage the target market and introduce the brand.

Alex Cannon said: “I’ve known James for a long time, and loyalty has always been a big part of our friendship. We wanted that to be a big focus, and for the brand to celebrate our work together and what’s important to us, and this has been reinforced throughout the unique brand we have created with Propaganda.”

James Parker added: “Having worked with Propaganda through Gym King, when myself and Alex decided to create the Loyalti brand, I was confident Propaganda were the right agency to help us gear up for launch. The campaign they created perfectly translates the values and concept behind the brand, we wanted to go into the market with something unique, I believe we have achieved that with the Loyalti Runs deep campaign.”

Lee Bennett, Head of Creative at Propaganda said “Alex and James were very clear about what the brand should represent. We took this idea and ran with it, developing the ‘thicker than blood’ concept. We created the launch campaign, using blood related imagery to demonstrate that Loyalti is more than just a brand, it’s about what runs deeper, and the values that are the lifeblood of the friendship that led to its creation.”

The footwear range has been custom designed to provide a premium, unique and individual aesthetic. The celebrity and fashion crossover are set to form a niche position within the footwear sector, leveraging Cannon’s celebrity status as a fashion influencer and model, and Parker’s significant standing in the booming athleisure market. It’s now available to purchase online at and launched throughout 25 Footasylum flagship stores across the UK on the 24th August.