London Calling for ReFood

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After significant expansion of both their Doncaster and Widnes plants over the last two years, ReFood have taken their unique end-to-end, closed-loop offer to London, with the opening of their third UK Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility, in Dagenham Docks. We were on hand to lend our support and witness the grand unveiling of this new £32m investment delivering a greener, safer, cheaper alternative to landfill in London.

 On a stiflingly hot day, Jules and Rich arrived on site just before 9am, and preparations were already in full swing. Resplendent as the jewel in the crown of London’s Sustainable Industries Park, the new site which has been developed over the past 12 months, after years of planning, was gleaming under the morning sun.

 Dignitaries, including representatives of SARIA and the RETHMANN group (ReFood’s parent companies) and the Deputy Mayor of London (Environment), Shirley Rodriguez, gathered to be given the first site tour, and carry out the first ‘ceremonial bin tip’.

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As more guests gathered, the ReFood team welcomed the great and the good from the industry, media and local government, to showcase the capability of the site. The statistics speak for themselves: 160,000tonnes of food waste p/a diverted from landfill; 73,600tonnes of CO2 displaced; and 14million m3 of gas produced.

 Philip Simpson, Commercial Director for ReFood presented the 100+ selected guests with a brief history of the business and the site, and then went on to highlight the opportunity on offer. Meanwhile, we helped coordinate the media at the event, live-tweeted the highlights for those not able to attend, and supported with the launch collateral and presentations for the day.

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