Victory for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Sophie Lancaster

A few days ago the news came in that the Greater Manchester Police is now going to record attacks on alternative subcultures as hate crime.

This is a massive victory for the charity, and something we have been supporting them in achieving since we started working with Sophie Lancaster’s mum, Sylvia Lancaster, back in 2007.  We were just launching Illamasqua, and couldn’t avoid the synergy between our fledgling brand that was being created to empower people to express themselves, and Sylvia’s cause to change a mindset in society towards alternative subcultures through the foundation she had created in her murdered daughter’s name.

When we met Sylvia, she was determined to create a lasting legacy to Sophie, who was attacked and killed because she ‘looked different’, and through years of lobbying, working closely with the media, forging relationships with politicians and police forces and crucially, maintaining unwavering support from thousands of supporters on Facebook and Twitter from around the world, the charity has, at last, secured this groundbreaking move that’s designed to protect alternative subcultures in the UK.

Well done Syliva and her team. We are so proud of you, and honoured that we have played a small role in helping you achieve this legacy to Sophie.