The internship that didn’t treat me like an intern

“Hi Daisy, I’m Emily, nice to meet you” was the first thing that was said to me when I arrived.

Having done several internships before, I knew the drill.

“Here’s the tea and coffee station and the comprehensive list of how everybody likes their drinks. Do you have your trainers on? Good, because you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Expect to be in the post office most days. Here’s your email address, upload it to your phone now so that we can contact you through the night and at weekends or when you’re out and about collecting my dry cleaning or buying my organic, 23 bean soup from the Skinnymini café which isn’t far, it’s only 7 and a half miles so you shouldn’t be out more than 20 minutes…”

…but no. Instead, lovely Emily asked ME how I liked my coffee and made ME one! I was baffled! Not soon after that I met the sensationally smiley brunette duo that is Jenna and Claire, and there they were, the PR team that I was to be a part of for the next 5 weeks.

I was briefed on each of the clients I would be working on and set about assisting on what was going to be the most important project of the next few weeks. Later that afternoon I was invited to a meeting! I’d never been invited to a meeting before, in my experience smelly lowlife interns weren’t allowed into meetings, they simply had to know everything… somehow. In the meeting I was able to get the total picture of what the client wanted and how Propaganda was going to go about it, as well as the role I would be playing in the process. It was lovely, sitting on the cushty sofa, making my scribbly notes and actually being a part of the team!

As life progressed, I felt less and less like an intern. I made drinks for people, but they made drinks for me too. I loved the hot beverage politics… or lack of! Not once was I called ‘intern’ and not once did I come to my desk to find an aggressive ‘to do’ post it had been tacked to my laptop with capital letters, exclamation marks and several underlined words screaming at me. I even managed to have my entire weekend without any tear worthy emails! Everybody was smiley and cheery, and only ever appreciative of the work I was doing.

Life at Propaganda came to a close far too quickly, and I found myself in my last week writing this.  Having now completed a ‘Year in Industry’, I’ll be heading back to University at the start of next week. It’s been a funny old year, I only wish I could have spent more of it at the most lovely agency I’ve come across.

Thanks for having me Propaganda!

Daisy x