The Car People launch new TV campaign

Keep your eyes out on ITV1 in Yorkshire and the North West today for The Car People’s brand new campaign ad!

When we first began work on the campaign, our brief was to get across all the different things that make The Car People a positive, hassle-free experience, and all the ways in which they go the extra mile to help their customers. So, as well as focusing on the huge choice and high quality of the cars available to choose from, we needed to find a way to highlight how The Car People cater to a wide range of personalities and priorities.

From using technology like their Virtual Sales Advisor app, which allows visitors to access detailed specs and finance information about each car at the touch of a button, to pioneering an industry-defying loyalty programme, The Car People are constantly looking for ways to make any visit to one of their showrooms even better, and that means service tailored to your individual needs.

The new campaign is called ‘Meet The Car People People’ and shows off The Car People’s personal service in the form of six brand new characters, each of whom visit the showroom with their own priorities. From Savvy Simon (who wants to be certain his car has been quality checked to the highest standards) to Calm Colin (who appreciates the chilled out space to think and research), each approaches the showroom to find out that however they want to buy their car, The Car People is for people like them!

We have been working with our partners Finger Industries to bring the animated characters to life in the real world environment, alongside our famous Car People hero, Martyn. The first ad features three of the new characters, and the remaining three will star in their own ad later on in the year. The characters will also feature in an integrated campaign, across channels including; in-store, social, digital and outdoor.

So, next time you’re in the market for your next car, think about whether you’re a Techy Tina or a Value Valerie… either way, The Car People has something for you.