Simon Armitage’s Tribute To SOPHIE

Award-winning poet Simon Armitage, has penned a moving and sensitive drama-documentary for BBC Radio 4 about the life and death of Sophie Lancaster.

The play, which aired today, entitled Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster, uncovers the true personality of Sophie before she was savagely beaten by a group of young people in a park in Lancashire for no other reason but for being a Goth. The drama also includes the thoughts of Sylvia, Sophie’s mum, which were recorded in a one-on-one interview with Simon.

Sylvia said: “I am incredibly grateful to Simon for treating Sophie’s story with such respect and affection. The process of making the programme was emotionally trying at times but everyone was incredibly kind and Rachel Austin who played Sophie is a wonderful talent. I am really proud of the finished article and I know that it will help spread the message of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

You can listen to the drama online here.

And find out more about the charity here.

Posted by Phoebe Findley.