Show Your Support For S.O.P.H.I.E

The 24th August marks the three-year anniversary of the tragic and brutal attack that lead to the untimely death of Sophie Lancaster.

Sophie’s boyfriend, Rob Maltby, who also suffered serious injury in the attack, had understandably kept a low profile until last December when he announced that he was ready to help the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. In June, he created a series of 15 stunning paintings that proved to be a great success and now he has put pen to paper once again.

To mark the anniversary Rob has designed a T-shirt to celebrate Sophie’s individuality, the “fantastical” nature of her style and personality. The T-shirt is available now and it is hoped that on the 24th August people will show their support by wearing the T-shirt and upload images of themselves on The Sophie Lancaster Foundation Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.

Rob’s used his creativity to design a T-shirt that celebrates “the weird” and speaks out against prejudice and intolerance. “The design of this T-shirt celebrates the fantastical, within oneself and others. It’s all about expanding the mind; just because something’s a bit weird, and doesn’t make much sense, doesn’t mean that it has no right to exist”

Rob aims to evoke hope, faith and anger through his designs. With this in mind, this T-shirt, which depicts a beautiful orchid with a sinister twist, to communicate the support and awareness that the foundation needs to help people understand subcultures and people who choose to express themselves “differently”.

The T-shirts are available to buy now for £15.00 from

All proceeds will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to fund raising awareness and encouraging tolerance and understanding.

And make sure you take a look at the award winning film that we produced for Sophie, Dark Angel.