ReGrow: Rethinking Fertiliser

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Last week saw the launch of a new brand we’ve developed, called ReGrow, a sub brand from ReFood. ReGrow is a high-quality nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser that’s 100% sustainable and safe. Produced from food waste at ReFood’s Anaerobic Digestion plants, ReGrow works wonders for crops.

ReGrow opens up a new revenue stream for ReFood and as a natural product of ReFood’s closed-loop recycling process, it’s good news for the environment too.

To better understand the digestate market landscape and opportunity, the process started with a Brand Discovery 12 months ago, which in turn lead us to the proposition – ‘Food for life’. Thanks to ReGrow’s sustainable, closed loop, future-focused elements, this positioning fully embodies ReFood’s current ‘waste for good’ proposition.

We then developed a new identity for the brand (plus sales support tools and a website, which includes a bespoke fertiliser calculator). This new look and feel really crosses the line and gives the brand a real point of difference in the emerging biofertiliser market.

ReGrow was officially launched at ReFood’s new state of the art ReFood plant in Widnes and received a great reception from the local farmers and advisers that attended. The event also included presentations and Q&A sessions from the ReGrow team, (a team established by Propaganda, which includes industry-leading agromomists from Earthcare Technical and ABDA, farmers already using ReGrow and the ReFood commercial team). This handpicked team will use its combined knowledge and experience to help promote the many environmental, social and commercial benefits of ReGrow across the UK.

Propaganda will continue to work closely with ReFood and the ReGrow team to further educate the market and key influencers. We’ll also help to promote ReGrow, support their customer acquisition programme and ultimately drive the company’s strategy forward.