Relaxology brought to you by Neal & Wolf

Did you know that exploring different relaxation techniques could help you attain a state of calmness, reducing levels of pain, anxiety, stress and anger? They can also decrease muscle tension, lower blood pressure and slow heart and breathing rates.


Neal & Wolf recently launched their new home and spa collection, Elysian. As part of the launch, we wrote four easy to follow guidelines on how to achieve the ultimate relaxation using the new Elysian products. Each guideline has been shared on the Neal & Wolf blog accompanied by simple, branded infographics on their social media platforms. Here’s a sneak peek…


Guide 1: A mini meditation session – to clear your mind, boost energy levels and access a sense of tranquility and peace no matter what’s going on around you.



Meditation Image 650x650px


Guide 2: Stress-busting hand reflexology on-the-go – using your hand reflex points to relieve common symptoms of a hectic lifestyle and give you an overall stress busting and altogether calming result in less than 10 minutes.


Reflexology Hand chart Image 650x650px



Guide 3: Calming Hand & Arm Massage – a 5minute arm and hand massage for instant relaxation and tension relief.


Hand Reflexology 650x450px




Guide 4: Beat stress – top tips for creating a relaxing environment applying ancient Feng Shui wisdom to your home and space.

Feng Shui image 650x650px


For more relaxation tips, blissful mantras or to read the guidelines in full, visit the Neal & Wolf blog at: