Record sales for our longstanding client, The Car People

We are delighted to be celebrating a record month of sales for our longstanding client The Car People this week. In March, sales were the highest they have ever been since the launch of the business in 2000.

Last month’s sales even beat the peak we saw in 2009, when the recession drove many consumers to choose used cars over new, and used car values were at an all time low.

The cornerstone of The Car People’s approach is the ‘hassle-free experience’, which turns the industry stereotype of pushy salespeople on its head in favour of combining the best quality used cars on the market with the most honest, friendly service possible. We’ve worked with The Car People over the years to support and challenge them in getting the best out of this unique proposition. It’s a partnership that has helped to boost their sales to last month’s all-time high, and one which has earned Propaganda a place on this year’s MCA awards shortlist for our work to drive customer engagement. The winners will be announced later this month – all fingers are crossed in the Propaganda office!

Moving forwards, we’ll be working to keep up the momentum with The Car People’s new annual campaign, which will be appearing on screen and in The Car People’s showrooms this summer.