Propaganda Redefines Lantor’s Brand Proposition

Lantor 1

Propaganda has been working with Lantor over the last 18 months to redefine their proposition (through Brand Discovery) to position them as innovators at the forefront of their sector.

Lantor works in collaboration with medical organisations to develop and manufacture ingenious nonwoven textiles for the advanced wound care sector, they turn ideas into reality through their innovation process, Ignite.

The wound care sector thrives on and demands innovation, so Lantor has responded by developing this unique consultative process to enable them to meet the challenges faced in the industry. It allows Lantor to create, collaborate and innovate, marrying the vision of medical organisations with technical expertise, to breathe life into exciting, forward-looking concepts, and create products that work when it matters.

The new brand identity and proposition officially launched in March 2014 in the core sector press and will be showcased at the leading trade show Index14 in Geneva in April. In addition, a DM campaign will be deployed to key medical prospects to create awareness of Lantor’s unique capability to deliver a one stop solution, specifically for the advanced wound care sector, from creation to manufacturing.

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