Propaganda Boosts Ann Summers Assets With The Ultimate Campaign



Propaganda has launched its first campaign with pleasure retailer, Ann Summers.  Launched on the 20th of January, The Ultimate Campaign focuses on the triple boost bra- the bra that promises three times the lift.  Plus the new Ultimate G Vibrators – the vibrator range that promises a third level orgasm, yes ladies, they do exist…

The Ultimate Campaign features a bold new visual identity and for the first time, Ann Summers have used an image of a sex toy in their shop windows. Starring The Ultimate G Vibrator, alongside the triple boost bra, Ann Summers’ very own Jacqueline Gold, tweeted images of the new campaign windows.

Window tweet 1

window tweet2

Prior to the campaign launch, the Huffington Post’s 43,200,000 monthly unique users felt the vibrations of The Ultimate G range, which was reviewed on the website.  Later, Arianna Huffington tweeted about The Ultimate G vibrator to her 1.45 million followers.

Huff Lady 2

Big news spreads quickly, The Mail Online have featured the triple boost bra.  The bust-boosting benefits bounced their way in front of the potential 168 million plus unique hits the mail online receives everyday.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.56.33 PM

Consequently, sales have seen a triple lift with The Ultimate G reaching a climax and selling out after only four days. The Triple Boost Bra sales have also seen a 50% bounce in the right direction.

This is the start of an exciting year of brand evolution for Ann Summers. Watch this space for more exciting (naughty and risqué) campaign updates….