Propaganda and Boost Set to Give Spirits a New Lease of Life


Propaganda and long-standing client Boost Drinks have collaborated to create an innovative new mixer for premium spirits, designed to meet the changing drinking habits of the nation. Boost Drinks have launched Gloworm to the on-trade with strategic guidance from Propaganda, to fill a void in the ever-evolving bar and club drinks market.

Four distinct flavours have been developed, each with an uplifting hint of stimulation and provide a flavourful alternative to traditional mixers such as tonic and bitter lemon. The range has been designed to match and enhance premium spirits. The initial reception has been highly successful, with the drink now stocked in bars in major UK cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Belfast.

The move seeks to inject new life into the energy drink market, which research shows hasn’t evolved in line with changing industry trends. Arguably, this has meant that traditional energy drinks, as well as other mixers, have failed to fully realise their commercial potential in the on-trade.

Laura Kynaston, Managing Director at Propaganda said: “The creation of Gloworm is a perfect example of Propaganda’s unique relationship with its clients and the dynamic way in which we work. By taking a pro-active business opportunity to our client, which is mutually beneficial, we have created a new product to fill a gap in the market. Gloworm has been developed using our Brand Discovery™ process and answers a real market need to offer consumers a broader option of mixers to match the increasing popularity of spirits.”

Simon Gray, Managing Director of Boost added: “Gloworm offers a sophisticated compliment to premium spirits and something new for customers. We developed the product and the brand alongside Propaganda through many months of research and testing, which gives us the confidence that it will be a success. As we launch this new proposition to bars and clubs, we’re sure that it will be well received by the on-trade and their customers alike.”

The brand was created as a result of the long-standing relationship between Boost Drinks and Propaganda who worked together on the core Boost brand for more than five years. Through our work in the energy drinks market, Propaganda identified a potential opportunity to evolve the offering and create a new brand to target the on-trade sector. We took the initial concept to Boost who commissioned us to develop the idea into a product, which will now form part of the Boost Drinks corporate stable.

The insight led development process took the brand from the concept stage through to creation, packaging development and the recruitment of a dedicated sales team. The initial brand roll out is being supported via social media, PR and events across the UK encouraging consumers to “rethink your drink” and experience this new mixer alternative.


The brand launched in early in 2014, with four unique flavours including Cucumber and Apple, designed to mix with Gin, and Raspberry and Orris, designed to mix with Vodka. The brand was named in The Spirit Business magazine’s Top 10 Spirit Trends for 2014 and has already secured its first award with the Cucumber and Apple flavour winning silver in Drinks International’s 2014 Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge.