Parallelism. I am Illamasqua


Hooray – we’re in a book!

And not just any book.

Our Illamasqua work is featured in Read Me – 10 lessons for writing great copy.


The book explores all types of copy techniques and our work comes under the Parallelism umbrella.

Of course, WE didn’t have to look up what Parallelism means, of course we didn’t…

But just in case you don’t know the definition is:

When a copywriter presents two or more parts of a sentence in a similar way to give the whole a well-defined, regular form.

Or basically

A list that doesn’t read like a list. A combination of repeated words that marry together and create a rhythm like mantra, that flows well off the tongue and looks attractive on the page.


If you want to buy the book and see our campaign, which was used at Selfridges, Oxford Street, do it here:

Until next time, we’ll be exploring this cracking read and maybe taking on a few more tips to produce even more great work.