On your marks, get set, Boost!

So… after a few days on the road, up and down the country at various meetings, I’m finally back in the office, camera in hand and ready to tell you what we were up to with the Boost Drinks team on Sunday.

As sponsor of an up and coming motocross team ( Honda), Boost asked the Propaganda team along to the 5th round of the Maxxis British Championship at Foxhills near Swindon. Who said marketing wasn’t glamourous!?

Now, to say that Kirsty, Claire and I weren’t really up on the ins and outs of motocross is the understatement of the year, but after leafing through the July issue of Dirt Bike Rider in prep, along we went, with wellies at the ready, expecting a high-octane mud-fest.

We couldn’t have been more surprised at the beaming sunshine and record temperatures, and aside from the sunburn, we had a great day out with Boost and the Honda team.

Both our riders (James Noble & Nathan Parker) put their hearts into all three MX1 races of the day. The mud was flying and after a load of thrills and some spills, plenty of passing and a bit of crashing, they finished in 7th and 14th place overall.

Of course the motocross crowd was out in force, with thousands of fans there to see their favourite stars, so when our riders weren’t busy racing around the track, they were busy signing autographs.

As well as having a jolly from time to time, sponsoring the team gives us the chance to not only increase brand awareness in this high energy sector, but also to get consumers to taste Boost. And since our research told us that once consumers taste Boost they come back for more time and time again, of course we were handing out loads and loads of Boost samples… Sports and Active drinks for the kids, and Energy drinks for the grown-ups – with the sun shining, it’s all we could do to keep up with demand.

In a nutshell, it was a great day of family fun, and thanks to Boost everyone had plenty of fuel in their tanks!

See our work for Boost Drinks here.

Posted by Libby Greasley.