Kryolan Wows London. And We’re There To Capture It.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.50.49 PM

Once again, our make-up client, Kryolan, managed to freshly astound its audience of professional make-up artists at its London Masterclass at the magnificent Royal Opera House last weekend.

And I was lucky enough to attend and watch some of the world’s leading (and nicest) artists from all walks of make-up artistry life perform their magic, capturing stacks of lovely content for social media along the way, and managing – what’s becoming the famous – Kryolan Tweetwall, where MUA’s in the audience can see their posts appear on the big screen (and beam our event to all their followers in the process).

From Sandra Cooke, famous for her cover shoots with Kate Moss, creating fresh & natural beauty ‘no make-up’ looks, to Neill Gorton, the BAFTA-winning SFX artist, transforming one unsuspecting regular guy to Dickensian gent (prosthetic nose n’all), and many other super-talented industry talents in-between, it’s certainly one event I didn’t mind giving up my weekend to cover.

Feast your eyes.

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