Keeping the best company with Glenbrae

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Fine knitwear manufacturer, Glenbrae, like to be known by the the company they keep. And with names like Ryder Cup winning captain, Sam Torrance, former Scotland Rugby Union captain, Rory Lawson, and Yorkshire’s double Country Cricket winning captain, Andrew Gale, all on the books as brand ambassadors, the business is in the habit of mixing with champions.

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So when we were asked to photograph their latest signing, Lee Dickson, captain of Rugby Union Premiership Champions, Northampton Saints, we were there like a flash.

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Lee was excellent company as he toured Glenbrae’s Spa Mill, sharing championship winning anecdotes and telling us his thoughts on the current Rugby Union World Cup. Whilst visiting, he was able to try on an extensive range of quality knitwear and see the generations of expertise, first hand. Here’s a peak behind the scenes.

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