Introducing… Cynthia, our new Senior Planner…

Cynthis Blog 2

Hi, I’m Cynthia, and I’m Propaganda’s new Senior Planner.

I’m back ‘oop north’ after spending the last few years in London working on big brands, small brands and a few in-between. It’s good to be back, and great to have joined the Propaganda team.

I worked in account management for years, and made the move to planning because I’m nosy (a family trait), a little obsessed by the way brands work and I love a good story.

My love of stories tipped over into writing them when I saw The Misanthrope at the West Yorkshire Playhouse a few years back. I left thinking I’d have a go at writing a play, and dozens of scrunched up balls of paper, fine lines, wailing, stomping and bags of Haribo later, I’d finished it. I got hooked, and have been lucky enough to see a few of my plays performed since. Getting a play from the page to the stage is a bit magical really and one of my favourite things in the world.

Another is archaic words that no-one really says anymore (I’m a bit of a geek). Words like ‘behoves’ or ‘swaddle’ in my opinion, are simply brilliant. And I have to mention traditional sweets too. The old ones are the best. I don’t know any modern confectionary that could hold a candle to a pear drop for instance or – it has to get a mention – Yorkshire mixture.

As a test of my play writing credentials, I’ve been challenged to pen a Propaganda Christmas Panto. I’ve started putting pen to paper, so watch this space! All I need now is a volunteer for Widow Twanky…..