Illamasqua make 3 short films

Wednesday July 21st
A pretty ordinary day, really.
Got up.
Got the 8.36 to King’s Cross.
Got to my hotel.
Met the actress Vicky McClure, from Shane Meadow’s unforgettable This Is England.

Woah! Hold your horses! (Noise like a scratched record)

Actually, there was nothing ordinary about that day or the 2 days that followed. We had the absolute pleasure of working with Vicky on three films for our make-up client, Illamasqua. Vicky played the title role (actually, ‘roles’ plural, is more accurate – you’ll know what I mean when you see them) in each film.

Make-up was designed and created by Illamasqua’s very own Spob, who had actually turned down a Martin Scorsese shoot to be with us for the 2 days. We shot the films on location in East London and all three films will be posted up here in the next few days so look out for them.

Posted by Mark Williams.