Illamasqua launch their 2012 Christmas Campaign

Propaganda were briefed to produce a campaign to cut through the Christmas ‘noise’, driving consumers to choose Illamasqua’s gifts above the competition this year, and in doing so make the Illamasqua’s customers’ Christmas an ‘extra-ordinary’ one.

Under the headline of “I’m Not Dreaming Of A White Christmas” we have delivered a visually impactful campaign embodying Illamasqua’s irreverence, creativity and range of highly pigmented professional make up products. As the consumer starts to shop the product (both on counter or on line), the message evolves to call out specific colours featured in the 2012 gift range under the headline: “I’m Dreaming Of A…. ” Then at point of purchase and in the product booklets the reassurance that the consumer has chosen the ultimate gift is emphasised under the headline “An Extra-Ordinary Gift”.

Aligned to this we will launch a first for Illamasqua – a campaign played out through our Social Media channels with the objective of building engagement and conversation with the Brand, driving traffic into stores and growing their Twitter following. Illamasqua, through this campaign, aims to answer consumers gifting headaches by enabling them to post on their Facebook and Twitter pages their perfect Illamasqua gift. This will be under the headline “#ImDreamingOf

To create real buzz Illamasqua will surprise and delight the audience by making some of their dreams come true by sending them their perfect gift.

The whole Social Media campaign will be played out through live Twitter screens in stores nationwide.