Hardback Exposure for Julian Kynaston


Propaganda chairman and founder Julian Kynaston has been featured in a new hardback book capturing inspirational photographs of prominent figures and those involved in the Scot Street Style movement. #Onward is a photographic record compiled by Gordon J Millar, Creative Director of Scot Street Style, and showcases the wide and varied creative community.


Julian first met Gordon at the creative Gathering in Edinburgh in 2014, an event intending to show that creativity isn’t restricted to a small number of what are generally termed ‘creative industries’.  At the time, Julian reflected about the event: “Of all the creative gatherings I’ve been to, this is the purest. It’s inspiring in so much as it doesn’t try to group creatives into their specialism – those types of events are to my mind a little of a contradiction.” Since then, they’ve formed a close friendship and collaborative working relationship.

The book celebrates individuals from all walks of life, as Gordon sets out his thinking: “We want to raise aspirations, smash negative stereotypes, and strive unremittingly to achieve our potential as human beings.” He took inspiration from prominent figures, including the Dalai Lama, while developing the concept. Copies are available for purchase here.