Four Years Since Its Launch, Neal & Wolf Continues To Experience The Sweet Smell Of Success.

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In 2009, Neil Capstick approached Propaganda to bring to life an idea that would shake up hairdressing businesses everywhere – a capsule collection of products to redefine luxury hair care for salons.  Four years since Propaganda helped to develop and launch the brand, Neal & Wolf is a thriving success; used and retailed in over 1700 salons and available in 7 countries.

To help him create his brainchild in the early days, Neil chose Propaganda for its watertight Brand Discovery process and proven successful track record in the hair care industry. His brief was simple – to create a simple, effective brand of hair care products that would stand out in a market place swamped with complicated, overpriced ranges, and stand the test of time.

It was through a robust Brand Discovery process that, working closely with Neil – who has over 20 years experience in and endless passion for the professional hairdressing industry –a brand and proposition to capture the imaginations of salon owners and their clients was born: Neal & Wolf; Indulgence Redefined.

It was this proposition, which invited hairdressers and their customers to enjoy an indulgent experience, every single day that underpinned the development of the range; from the name and look, to the distinctive, luxurious fragrance of the products, as well as a brand strategy that offered attractive profits for salons whilst enabling Neal & Wolf to thrive on a long term basis. The focus always remained on bringing an affordable yet uncompromising indulgent range of 10 gorgeous products into women’s everyday hair care routine – and a tidy profit to the salons selling it!

Propaganda now works closely with the brand, ensuring it’s still front of mind for the trade and consumers through PR and social media activity, as it continues to grow its distribution and product range. With 6 new products being introduced to the range this year & hundreds more salons lined up, the future looks bright for Neal & Wolf.